Thank you so much for visiting our website today!  We would love for you to take a look into who we are.  We feel that the better you get to know us, the more comfortable you will be with our ministry. 

First let me tell you a little bit about who I am.  To begin with, I feel like I am nothing next to who Jesus is.  I feel unworthy to be called into this ministry, however, as the song titled "UNWORTHY" states, "He made me worthy".  He adopted me  and made me a "Family Member" of His family.  

Back in 1969, I was laying in my bed one night as a young man of only 12 years old.  I begin to hear the Lord deal with my heart.  It was that night in April that He let me know that He had a work for me to do.  I had no idea at that time what He had in mind for me to do.

 A few months later I received a call from a man named Roy Thrift, who was the manager of "The Gospel Travelers", a gospel singing group.  He ask me to come and play the piano for them.  I accepted.  We sang and traveled all over the state of Florida and that was where I got my first taste of Southern Gospel Music.  

I preached my first revival in a small country church in Marianna Florida.  I was only 13. I continued to preach and do gospel concerts for the next ten years.  In 1979, at the age of 23, I began to pastor my first church.  I was there for 3 years, and it was basically my training ground for what God had in mind for me.  In 1982 I married Connie and we began our ministry together.  We lived in West Palm Beach, Florida, until 1988 at which time we moved to Ocala, Florida.  I pastored a church in Summerfield Fl, for about one and a half years, while continuing to do a few church concerts. 

I have found my greatest pleasure ministering in the nursing homes and assisted living facilities. I have been able to reach many "un-churched" people.  I feel that I am ministering to people on the threshold of eternity.  Some of the people that I have been able to minister to have not darkened the door of a church in 70+ years.  Recently, there was a man who attended my services faithfully for four years before he went to be with Jesus.  He told me  just before he died, that he had been in church all his life, but three days before I performed his funeral, he told me that he had never come to know Jesus on a personal level, but now he knew Jesus in a way that he  was finally assured that he was ready for eternity.  That's what it is all about!!!!

I have found that the older hymns are able to break through the hard crust shell of rebellion and allow the Love of the Lord to touch people's hearts, and allow them to know a loving Lord, that so many "Church People" have never truly come to know on a personal level.

   You will find that there are many old hymns of the faith that will lift  your spirit and put your mind back on track toward God's goals for your future.  When you feel down, just click on an inspiring hymn, and let the words speak to your soul. 


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